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6 Pack ThreeLac supercharged intestinal flora supplement

By , August 15, 2014 11:24 am

6 Pack ThreeLac supercharged intestinal flora supplement

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YEAST HATE this proprietary formula teeming with naturally occurring live aerobic bacteria. Your intestine needs aerobes like these to immediately help itself overcome and rid the body of resilient anaerobic YEAST organisms. Many report results starting with day one! The secret behind ThreeLac's effectiveness is the micro-encapsulation process that gets the anaerobe-fighting live bacteria safely past the acidic environment in the stomach and into the intestine. Your body is supposed to be normally cultivating these oxygen-loving bacteria, but if oxygen levels are low, then it can't, so the YEAST anaerobes take over. The body always sets naturally occurring oxygen-friendly bacteria to work "dining" on extra anaerobic problem organisms that your body does not need. It's a numbers game if there is more yeast than aerobes, the YEAST thrive. If you cultive lots more aerobes than yeast - how can the yeast survive?


  • ThreeLac supplemented friendly aerobic micro-organisms love a rich oxygen environment, so the more oxygen you supplement, the faster they grow.
  • We all know how important maintaining an alkaline pH in the body is! An added benefit is that the body uses its aerobic bacteria in the intestine to balance and alkalinize the body's pH.
  • ThreeLac is available EXCLUSIVELY through Global Health Trax members in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Over $53 million in product sales were achieved in 2001 in Japan - home of the pharmaceutical company that created this amazing product. The live

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