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Emwave2, Charcoal Gray

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HeartMath emWave2, Charcoal Gray

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EmWave technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes. EmWave technology collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer or into easy to follow lights on the portable emwave personal stress reliever. Used just a few minutes a day, this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity. As you practice on the go or at your computer you increase your coherence baseline and your ability to take charge of your emotional reactions. Health, communication, relationships and quality of life improve. There are two features of the emWave2. One is an 'extended press' to turn the device on when disconnected from the computer. This was designed to prevent it from accidentally turning on when being carried around. The other feature is called the Advanced Mode, in which the lights operate in a different way, offering a different view of the HRV measurement.


  • Use emWave2 on the go as a portable training device and store your sessions for later review
  • Run a session while at your computer and watch your coherence through real-time charts , Ear sensor and two-way, finger-operated control button.
  • Store all session information on your computer for future comparison and review
  • Four challenge levels including a challenging advanced user mode.This type of measurement is known as heart rate variability analysis or HRV.
  • Make sessions entertaining with the coherence building tools
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac OS.The emWave2 is an advanced heart rate monitor, able to measure subtle changes in your heart rhythms.
  • *Please note packaging may vary

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